Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and our answers. If you have any other questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

You can contact us with your request and one of us will get back to you about current availability and whether we might be able to offer support with the difficulties you and your child are experiencing.

The initial appointment is scheduled for an hour and a half to allow additional time for information gathering.

Subsequent psychological therapy appointments last approximately 50 minutes.

Appointment length for specialist assessments (e.g. assessments to support a neurodevelopmental diagnosis) can vary and will be discussed with you as part of the assessment planning.

This can depend on the child/young person’s age and the type of difficulty experienced. We are led by the families we work with, and sessions may include work with parents, young people alone or both parents and young people together.

For younger children or those who are feeling anxious initially, it can be helpful to have both a parent and the young person present when meeting the young person for the first time, although an initial information gathering session with the parent/s only can be helpful and may be suggested. 

We offer both virtual and face-to-face appointments. Where helpful, we may provide a hybrid approach with some face-to-face and some online sessions.

At the first meeting, we will want to get to know you a little, including things that interest your child and that they enjoy doing. We might use play or creative activities to help with this, particularly for younger or more anxious children.

We will gather some background information about the difficulties you are experiencing and how we might be able to help. This is also a chance for you to get to know us, ask questions and decide whether we are a good ‘fit’ for your young person and the difficulties you/they are experiencing.

We will ask you several questions to try and understand your challenges and think about the best way to help. We will make it as easy as possible but understand how hard it can feel initially to talk about tricky things with someone you don’t know.

Our clinic is located in central Exeter, although we work with families across Devon where practical. 

Prices start from around £100 per session. For more information, you can look at our fees page, or contact us for further details.

As clinical psychologists, we are trained across the life span to work with adults and children.

We specialise in working with children, parents and young adults and adapt our ways of working to support the families in our care.

As clinical psychologists we offer comprehensive cognitive assessments but do not specifically assess for dyslexia. If you are looking for a dyslexia assessment and/or support with this or another specific learning difficulty, these services are more usually provided by Educational Psychologists.

We ask people to give as much notice as possible to change or move appointments. Where less than 24 hours’ notice is provided we will generally need to charge late cancellation fees.

Very occasionally enquiries get missed. If you haven’t heard back from us within 2 weeks of your enquiry, please do contact us again via our contact form or email us directly at enquiries@devonchildpsychology.co.uk